Product controller

Allows dynamic control of woocommerce product based on properties such as user profile, geolocation of user and date/time, etc.
Supports simple rules based on singular properties, or complex rules based on mixed logical conditions based on multiple properties.
Supports hiding of product.
Supports replacing product content.
Supports adding dynamic content to product, including media and supported HTML tags, at the top and bottom of the product.
Supports modal dialogues with image background.
Supports automatic generation of shortcode, which can be modified for low-level control.
Show certain Product or content for users with privileged access such as a premium account.
Hide products from guests.
Create a greeting product for special events such as Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving Day, etc.
Act as a simple ad manager by placing ad in a product and controlling it based on properties such as date or geolocation.
Show special discounts or offers from specific region for a specific event. Example, India Independence day, Chineese New Year, etc.