Page controller

Allows dynamic control of pages based on properties such as user profile, geolocation of user and date/time, etc.
Supports simple rules based on singular properties, or complex rules based on mixed logical conditions based on multiple properties.
Supports soft hide feature, leaving pages accessible to those who have direct links.
Supports redirections, so restricted users are directed elsewhere.
Supports hiding hidden pages from site search.
Supports automatic generation of dynamic shortcode, which can be modified for low-level control.
Supports modal dialogues.
Supports appending content based on conditional properties.
The page rules can easily display certain content to users with elevated privileges, such as Administrators, Subscribers, Authors, etc.
Hide premium content from guest users and redirect them to the signup page.
Act as a simple ad manager, showing different advertisements based on user data, geolocation and date.
Show pages to greet users for special events such as Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving Day, etc.